New Regulations for School Volunteers & Chaperones

Dear LAS Community,

     A Department of Education Technical Advisory sent to all schools in New Hampshire this fall, referencing New Hampshire State Law (RSA 189:13a), requires that all employees, coaches, interns, contracted service employees and school volunteers / chaperones complete a background investigation including a criminal history check and fingerprinting before participating in their designed activity.  Up to this point in time LAS has not asked that of our volunteers or chaperones but come 2018 we will ask that all individuals who volunteer in any capacity here at school or serve as a chaperone on any school trip, meet this new requirement.  Our understanding is that once an individual completes this requirement, it will be valid until his/her child(ren) leave LAS or until other circumstances would invalidate this approval. Obviously , the intent of the law is to provide every protection possible for our children. Please plan ahead in consideration of your activities / involvements here at LAS.
     If you volunteer at LAS, plan to volunteer or anticipate chaperoning upcoming field trips or other events, you can schedule your required background check by calling Sandy Kane, Human Resource Assistant,  at the SAU #21 office (926-8992 Ext. 110).  Please note that fingerprinting is only done on Tuesdays at the SAU office.  The cost to complete the background check and fingerprinting is $20.75 payable at your appointment.  Please make checks payable to the State of New Hampshire - Criminal Records. Cash / Credit cards are not acceptable.  Forms will be available in the LAS Front Office.